18 June 2008

12 hour update

well, 12 hours, 8 toothpicks, 4 pieces of gum, and about half a bag of jelly beans later, still smoke free. Not so sure if the patch is doing anything... Cravings seem to be pretty bad, but I guess they could be worse. I had this fun moment earlier today when i went to the store to buy some gum. Wasnt even really thinking about smoking, but i walked up to the counter to pay for the gum and saw the cigarettes... It was like going from the feeling you have after a good meal to the feeling you have when you havent eaten all day long, but instantaneously. Tonight I get to find out if I'm the kind of person who gets crazy weird dreams while having a constant nicotine feed during sleep...so that should be fun. Thanks for all the support today. I'll check in again tomorrow!

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