19 June 2008

24 Hours

OK, so we're at 24 hours. That means that right now, monetarily speaking, I'm down $35... patch was $40, 1 day, 1 pack at $5... By next Thursday I'll have broken even, and every day after that for the rest of the week is profit.

And it is true... sleeping with a patch on does give you some vivid dreams. Dreams so vivid that at the time, I thought, wow... there's no way I'm going to forget this dream by the morning. And yet, I really don't remember what they were about. Nothing strange, just extremely real dreams about everyday life.

BTW, Ben Harper... stop trying to make me smoke. I plugged in my headphones this morning to distract me... first song that came up on shuffle??? "Burn One Down" which although is clearly not about smoking cigarettes, can easily be interpreted as such by a suggestible mind. Many thanks to the skip button and Busta Rhymes for saving me from that one :)

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