23 June 2008

chicken and waffles

I am a fan of fried things. I am also a fan of juicy things, spicy things and things that are covered in syrup. That is why, in my personal opinion, there is no better food in this world than the 6 piece wings and waffles at the breakfast klub in midtown. A golden, toasty waffle, surrounded by six absolutely gi-normous (is that how you spell gi-normous?) spicy marinated chicken wings, battered and fried to crispy perfection, and topped with a whole strawberry.
Now, the way I attacked this mound of food was to put syrup on the waffle, hot sauce on the chicken, and dig in... What this inevitably led to was hot sauce on the waffle and syrup on the chicken and the impossibly tasty merging in my mouth of syrup, butter, hot sauce, chicken juice, and hot grease. Holy cheesemonkey, batman! I've decided that the waffle itself, though quite tasty, is included merely to make pouring syrup onto chicken socially acceptable.

My mom's catfish and grits was just as tasty, especially when dredged in the leftover syrup and hotsauce on my plate, as was my sisters breakfast sandwich.

So drop by The Breakfast Klub, say hi to Sonya at the counter, grab yourself some chicken, and be prepared to be amazed.


Dave said...

my heart hearts...

Anonymous said...

Your dietitian friend says gross!! After we get the no smoking under control we'll work on not clogging your arteries :-)