17 June 2008

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Monday, February 11, 2008

Join The Toaster Revolution!

Ok, for those of you who haven't made it to an open mic, who have been reading the lyrics, who have been longing, nay, yearning for the chance to hear one of Keith's songs actually performed, without leaving the comfort of your own computer desk, here's your chance.

Check out www.myspace.com/toasterrevolution. Be my friend. Help toasters everywhere rise up against their evil human oppressors and finally achieve their true place as the rulers of us all.

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We’re off to see the betsy

ladies and gentlemen... All of you former university chorus/ concert chorale/ encore/ coro members, coming up march 4th at 730 pm, university mens and womens choruses will be performing... Our favorite blonde bombshell conductor, Dr. Betsy Weber will be conducting, and we need to make an appearance enmasse. It's time to see a show, go somewhere afterwards, and catch up. We all live in the same freaking city, so let's do this. Call me, 7135409881, if you can make it.

Keith (AKA hippy Jesus)

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Friday, February 08, 2008

its been a while

since i wrote a new song... and now the wait is over.

To a familiar George Strait tune:

Chorus: All my Exs have new sexes.
Yeah all the girls I've loved are now standing up to pee
All my ex's have new sexes.
They're shaving every morning just like me.

V.1 : Well Rhoda down in navasota, her name's now Nash
And sweet melissa was a real good kisser, but now she's got a mustache
And Judy, a real cutie, she goes by Rob
And Andrea, well you can see her Adam's apple bob.


V.2: I remember all the good times we used to share
But it's not as nice when the girl you like has lots of facial hair
My dreams are smashed so I'll go get smashed and think about the day
When I can find a girl of mine who wont be a man someday....


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Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Old and busted??? Naw... New Hotness!

Ladies and Gentlemen, Boys and Girls...

Once again I come to you bringing tidings of joy and work. Beginning February 18, 2008, you will be reading the blog of, Keith Martin, General Manager of the new and exciting downtown Houston Hotspot, the GrumBar and Grill, located at 306 Main Street. We will be opening in March, and I sincerely hope you will all find some time to come visit me in this new venture. I'll give you all more details about opening day and such as soon as I get them.

Oh, did I mention I don't live in Galveston anymore? (what? keith crossed the causeway? and not just to visit? that's crazy talk!) No, No, no crazy talk here. Just moved in this weekend off of Westheimer and Wilcrest. So for all you Houstonians, give me a call... Come visit... We'll do lunch.... maybe at the GrumBar and Grill, soon to be opening at 306 Main in fabulous downtown Houston. :)

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Saturday, January 19, 2008


Cease and desist.

Join together with people of like mind to create something, and enjoy it aurally.

Water in its solid state has returned with a never before seen technological creation.

An unknown creature has affixed itself to me with the power and stamina of a harpoon. Night and day both come and still it holds.

Whether or not I will ever escape baffles me, but if you extinguish all sources of light, I will bio-luminesce.

Like the Germanic tribe that sacked Rome in 455 CE, I sing viciously.

I will take away the darkness from the performance arena and extinguish someone life as easily as I blow out a candle.

Quickly, proceed to the source of sound with the low frequency, because I am having the same effect on your mental abilities as a psychocyblin fungus.

My music will kill you, and it would be a crime to play anything but the most perfect examples.

You may enjoy my music, you may not, but eat heartily and aim your darts carefully for the center of the board, because I have not come here to toy with you.

If you have encountered some difficulties, I will be able to resolve them.

Now, please take a moment to observe the following chorus that is being played by my dear friend on his turntables.

ice ice baby. da nah nah nah nana nah nah.

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Friday, December 28, 2007

on a lighter note

here's my other possible entry

lights flash. bass beats boom

marine mammals dance. just stop

clubbing baby seals

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to the kids

An environmental group in houston is having a Haiku contest. Here is my probable entry.

To the kids of Southbend.

Monsanto dumps waste.
Kid's playground bubbles with sludge
Superfund: Brio

Children play near the remains of toxic cancer.
Superfund: Brio

Wasted lives. Despair
Defects and Leukemia.
Superfund: Brio

Hush money is paid
Cash that doesn't bring back lives
Superfund: Brio

Site is declared clean?
New home construction begins!
Superfund: Brio.

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Tuesday, December 25, 2007

In honor of the season

Once upon a time... okay, it was 1983... Bill and Maude were sitting in their living room discussing what the weather would be like on Christmas day. Bill said it would snow, and Maude said it would rain. For hours and hours, the debate raged on and on. Bill would pull up weather.com, show maude the paper, the farmers almanac, the weather channel, all of which indicated snow on christmas. Maude just smiled, and said, "Rain"

Finally, Bill, tired of arguing, said, "Tell me Maude, how is it that you know for certain that it will rain?" Maude replied that when she was at the grocery store, she had run into Rudolph Stepanovich, the famed Soviet meteorologist who had just defected and moved into town. Rudy and she had had a long conversation, become fast friends, and because she now trusted him, and he had said it would rain, she was sticking to her position.

Bill still refused to believe her until the next morning, Christmas morning, when they got up to open presents, and it was pouring. Bill was astounded, flabbergasted even, and he turned to his wife and apologized for doubting her and her new friend. Maude just looked at him and replied, "Don't be so upset... after all, Rudolph the Red knows rain, dear."

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Monday, December 03, 2007

a great ass.... a reprise.

so this past weekend I went to east texas for the family christmas party.... and i went for a walk in the "back 40" to show sarah the land and to see jenny lind's grave. (for those of you who don't know what I'm talking about, read my past blogs for something about a great ass) Apparently, something (coyote, feral dog, zombie... who knows) had gotten hungry and dug into her grave. So i spent an hour or so putting things back the way they needed to be and making a marker, etc. It was..... i don't know what it was. but i'm almost glad it happened because i got to spend some time out there, got to take part in my version of her funeral, got to mark her grave... i blew smoke over the spot and sprinkled tobacco and made a cross out of sticks and berries and fall leaves and pinecones and said goodbye to one of the greatest animals I've ever met. Like i said in the earlier blog abut her, she was a dear friend, a family member, and I hate the fact that no other glenn family members will ever get a chance to meet her, but she will live on in stories around the woodstove, and in 42 games, and at christmas and reunions and everytime any of us get together.
once again, rest in peace, Jenny. We all loved you.

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Sunday, October 14, 2007

Yet once again

so once more, team jones reigns supreme. Will team nasty ever come back? Find out on the next episode of " scene it challenge"

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