20 June 2008

new plan

Based on many helpful comments and a slow day at work's worth of internet research, I am officially modifying my plan. I wore the patch for about 54 hours. I have duly noted and blogged about my symptoms of withdrawal from the 1 extra milligram of nicotine I've been getting each day. So, for the next 54 hours, starting about 3 this afternoon, I will (am) not wear(ing) the patch. I will continue to duly note and blog about my symptoms. If, in that time period, withdrawal symptoms do not increase dramatically, then I will continue to not wear the patch. I will, however, keep the patch on hand until I feel absolutely confident that I am done with cravings. That way, if a serious, insistent, unfight-able craving comes along, i can slap a patch on and be done with it.

-What? You're messing with the system? You know you're supposed to follow the -manufacturers instructions exactly! (says my internal RTFM inclined persona)

I agree, it is a gamble, but one that makes sense to me. I've still got patches as a safety net, and if I can completely rid my body of nicotine, then I'm that much closer that much faster.


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Russell Martin said...

you always told me that recipes are just guidelines. Maybe the same thing applies to the patch instructions. I think you were right about them making you use more patches which in turn gives them more money. Anyways you are doing great. I haven't found a Dr Pepper patch yet but I am realizing it is all about the habit and not the addiction. As long as I don't have change for a 5 then I am doing fine.