03 July 2008

Inflatable Origami Chicken

So why is it that I can never remember the actual narrative of my dreams, but instead come up with tiny little snippets that don't make sense?
For example, from last night:

two tiny inflatable origami chickens, made out of one piece of paper by my brother and inflated using a camelback tube and a foot bellows style pump.

A gas powered car about the size of a Powerwheel, but meant for highway use.

The Pearland High School Marching Band, on tour in Florida.

Hilary Clinton

A wall

Some other unnamed political candidate (not Obama)

And somehow this all fit together... Something about Russell and I giving a presentation to the unknown candidate, with the marching band providing inspirational music. The chickens were an integral part of the presentation, and I followed behind the bus to Florida in the little car.

So, here's the challenge. The people who read this blog are pretty creative, I think. So, in the comments, come up with a story, a narrative that uses all of the elements above. You can change names and locations, but the basic pieces have to remain. Have fun!

(note: I just thought about the fact that the comments might be too small of a space. If so, just email me your story and I'll post it here)

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