29 August 2008

Best Pitch Ever

Today while walking from the bus stop to work, I was given, bar none, hands down, the best "Brother, can you spare a dime" spiel I have ever run across. Knowing that I spent 5 years in Galveston, home to some of the most creative crazy homeless out there, that's saying something.

So here's the line...
Guy walks up to me and tells me that he's from Africa, that he's a doctor, and that he is here in the United States working on a project to study race relations in American, specifically relating to the media's coverage of the current presidential election between John McCain, Barack Obama, and Hillary Clinton. Now, this morning, he had bought a copy of today's Houston Chronicle (in his hand) and Wall Street Journal (not visible), but he still needed to get a copy of the New York Times, and he had 5 cents left. Now, he didn't want money. He wanted me to go with him to the nearest store and buy him a copy of the NY Times!

So, a lot of people would walk away. A very few people would buy him the paper. But a good amount, more than the paper, would give him a buck or two because they didn't want to walk out of their way to a store. Beautiful!

For once, I wish I had had money with me. I would have given the guy a $10 just for the story alone.

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