19 August 2008

For A Limited Time Only!

Do you like reading? Being warm? Music? Stuff?

Well, do i have a deal for you!

I have stuff. Stuff i don't really need anymore. You need this stuff. So I propose a solution. You come get my stuff.

What kind of stuff, you ask?

Tom Clancy, John Grisham, Michael Crichton, Clive Cussler, Dan Brown, Steven Covey, a spanish/english dictionary, other books... you get the idea.

Warm things!
Two, count 'em, two London Fog trenches with liners! Vintage (mid-late '70s) K-Mart branded corduroy jacket (w/ belt)! Full length charcoal wool overcoat, Vintage (1996) Pearland High School letter jacket (Complete with authentic region/district choir patches!) And that's not all!!!!

Various and assorted sheet music
Records! The Incomparable Sax of Ace Cannon, Sandy Nelson's "Beat That Drum!", The Longine Symphonette "The Memory Years", Neil Sedaka Sings His Greatest Hits!

Other Stuff!

Slightly MurphyMollyIndy-ized Queen-Size mattress and box springs
Box O' Pint Glasses
Lightly Broken KitchenAid stand mixer with hook, paddle and whisk.
Blue Chair!
Fiorenzato Commercial grade Coffee grinder
Starbucks Barista Athena Espresso Machine (needs 1 part, i think)
Game Boy Advance
Centrex (by pioneer) 8-Track player
kinda ornery Sony LaserDisc Player

How can you resist???

Granted, some of things are not fully functional, some have bite marks, some are ridiculously archaic, and some are a combination of all of the above... but they're FREE!!!!! And that makes all of their faults relatively unimportant.

So come on down, step right up, and slide on by for deals, deals and more deals.
Call me if you want any of this (713..540..9881). It all goes back home to Goodwill beginning of September.


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