02 April 2009

No internet and no laptop make keith something something

So, obviously, I have done a pretty crappy job with keeping my new years resolution. I've posted a grand total of what, 3 recipes so far? I blame it on my current lack of Internet at home. Either that or my inherent laziness.... One of the two. To help make up for it, here's a few things I've made recently.

9 veggie soup with barley
Chipotle roasted pork loin with smoky mango salsa
Shrimp ceviche salad with lime cilantro vinaigrette
Satay style chicken skewers with peanut chile sauce
Veggie burgers
Fully Loaded baked potato soup
PBJSTC sandwich
Fried Chicken
Bouef bourgignon
Campfire Filet mignon with red wine reduction sauce
Cheesecake with balsamic black pepper strawberries
Cheesecake with jalapeƱo orange glaze and candied peels

If you want recipes for any of those, just let me know. I'll try to do better in the future, ok?


bridgetwillard said...

Okay the cheesecake with jalapeno orange glaze is intriguing.

Chefkeifus said...

Done and done.